Home Insurance

Home means a world to us, it is the embodiment of our longings and feelings. A large number of us contribute the reserve funds of lifetime to get a permanent place to stay for ourselves. We want to ensure that it is protected… Home insurance covers the design of house and the items which incorporate valued belongings against harm from normal disasters like floods, tremor, tempest and man made occasions like uproars, fire related crime and so on.

Benefits and Features of Home Insurance

  • Complete coverage for any harm to your home or it’s items from natural calamities and man made occasions.
  • Complete piece of mind in middle of natural issues or social agitation
  • Robbery or thievery of property and assets at the guaranteed premises assuming that the mortgage holder is away
  • Significant articles cover for flatware, gems, workmanship, collectibles and exorbitant electronic devices, PCs are covered
  • Benefits like nonstop client assistance, prompt admittance to the protection specialists and fast client assistance.

Home Insurance and Home Loans

In India, larger part of individuals purchase a home insurance while looking for home loan as it is by and large connected with the home loan product. Expecting you have taken a home loan product to purchase your fantasy house and most certainly you will intend to outfit and embellish it with tasteful insides, important collectibles and most recent furnishings. It would be tragic assuming the house gets harmed because of fire or normal disasters like seismic tremor, floods, lightning, tempest and so on.

Without home insurance you should lay out the expense of harm repair(s) at your own personal expense which might end up being exorbitant. A home insurance plan offers inclusions for the structure and its substance, in this way getting against any harms to the construction or items. So you can be guaranteed while paying your home advance EMI that any unexpected damage(s) or expense(s) to your house are covered.


What’s Included?


Your house is a strict physical indication of your fantasies. Our home insurance arrangements safeguard your fantasies against any harm because of fire.


Burglary & Theft

Your house is a strict physical indication of your fantasies. Our home insurance arrangements safeguard your fantasies against any harm because of fire.


Electrical Breakdown

Breakdown of machines can upset day to day existence and include some significant pitfalls. Safeguard them under our home insurance to avoid sudden expenses.


Natural Calamities

Did you had any idea that 68% of India’s territory is inclined to dry season, 60% to tremors, 12% to flood, and 8% to typhoons? You can’t anticipate natural calamities; yet you can safeguard your assets against seismic tremor, flood, storm, typhoon, and so forth.


Manmade Hazards

Upset times can influence your home as well as your genuine serenity. Keep it secure with our home insurance arrangements against strikes, mobs, illegal intimidation, and noxious demonstrations.


Accidental Damage

Just spent a fortune on installations and clean fittings? Remain effortless by protecting them against incidental harm with our home insurance plans.


Alternate Accommodation

Get moving costs, lease for elective/lodging convenience, crisis buys, and financier in the event that your home becomes ill suited for residing on account of any covered reason for misfortune.


What’s Not Included?


Loss and/ or damages arising out of situations such as war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostile. are not covered.


Precious collectibles

Loss of bullions, stamps, work of art, coins etc. will not be covered.


Old Content

We understand that all your precious possessions hold emotional value but anything that’s over 10 years old will not be covered.


Consequential Loss

Consequential losses are losses that are not the natural result of the breach in the usual course of things, such losses remains uncovered


Willful Misconduct

We ensure that your unforseen losses are covered, however if there’s any case of willfully done damage to your property, that remains completely out of the coverage scope of policy.


Third party construction loss

Any damage caused to your property due to third party construction is not covered.


Wear & Tear

Your home insurance does not cover usual wear and tear or maintaince/renovation.

Cost of land

Under circumstances this policy shall not cover the cost of land.

Under costruction

Home insurance cover is for your home where you reside any under construction property will not be covered.

Jewellery & Valuables

Now, your precious jewellery is protected against any risk of theft

Jewellery and valuables refer to ornaments or articles made of gold or silver or any precious metal including diamonds as well as sculptures and watches. This add on cover can be opted for maximum upto 20% of your Home Content (Belongings) sum insured. The loss of your jewellery & valuable would be covered on the basis of the prevailing market value

In case your content sum insured is Rs 5 lacs you can secure your jewellery and valuables upto 1 lac. Imagine in your absence there is a theft incident at your home and you end up losing your precious insured jewellery Under such scenario you would be required to submit we the original invoice of the jewellery lost to process the claims. Excess and deductible to be applied.

Pedal Cycle

Cover your pedal cycle up to Rs. 5 lacs

Under this cover, we insure losses to static exercise cycle as well as your pedal cycle with or without gear. It covers losses caused by fire, calamities, theft and accidents. We protect any third party liability to a person or property caused by your insured pedal cycle. However, exclusively if your pedal cycle’s tyres only are stolen or damaged it remains uncovered.

How does it work?: On your next cycling expedition due to road accident your cycle is damaged beyond repair leading to total loss, under such situation we will cover the losses. Additionally, if a third party person gets injured due to the accident caused by insured cycle then we shall cover for the third party claim too. Excess and deductible to be applied.


Terrorism Cover

Covers damage caused to your home due to terrorism

Due to a terrorist attack if your home structure/content gets destroyed we cover it

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